Managing Mood with Mindfulness was developed in collaboration with senior meditation teachers and researchers. Four free 75 minute weekly live on-line group sessions teach the neuroscience and psychology of mindfulness with practical skills to reduce stress, depression and anxiety while enhancing happiness. Since 2020, about 3,000 people have registered for the program which is also available as 4 audio recordings. The satisfaction scores for this program have consistently been over 90%.

Why mindfulness?

Many events in life are painful — but struggling with our own thoughts turns pain into suffering. It is not our negative thoughts and feelings that do the damage but rather our reaction to our thoughts and feelings.

When we feel stressed we focus on negative thoughts and feelings. This negative focus is often self-fulfilling because it influences how we perceive and engage with the world. Also, we cannot change a negative thought that is already here. The more we struggle to fix or change our negative thoughts , the stronger they become and the worse we feel.

And yet it is possible to train our attention in a different way that frees us from this struggle with negative thoughts. It is possible to influence the mental conditions and neurochemistry in which all thoughts, emotions and sensations are formed and connected.

The benefit of Mindfulness training

Although we cannot change a thought that is already here, we can influence the future direction of our thoughts by changing the chemical conditions in which molecules of thought, emotion and sensation arise, interact and evolve.

By training a gentle curious attitude of attention to whatever arises, even stressful thoughts and emotions, we stop struggling with our thoughts and our nervous system calms down. This calming of the nervous system changes our body chemistry creating healthy mental conditions which reduce suffering, enliven neutral moments and enhance pleasant moments.

This is a skill that can be strengthened in just minutes a day.

Mind to Mindful is a non-profit clinical and educational corporation that was formed to address the rapidly emerging field of mindfulness-based therapy. A growing body of research shows that mindfulness practice reduces stress and enhance happiness. Despite the growing public interest and scientific support , choosing a mindfulness program can be confusing and often disappointing. As our clinical practice and public education programs grew, it became important to offer a program that was consistent, brief, accessible, easy, grounded in science and gave participants simple reliable tools to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

4 Weekly 75 minute sessions include lectures, discussion, guided meditations , and 3 minutes of daily homework. Topics include:

1 What is Stress?

2 The automatic  cycle of attention

3 Where does ease come from?

4 Automatic Effortless Brief Moments of Ease

5 Mind Body Chemistry:   How we heal

6 How Body Sensations  Generate Ease

7 Using Unpleasant Sensations to Generate Ease

8 The neuroscience of ease

9 Using Whatever Arises to Generate Healing

10 A Strategy for Healing

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