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Integrating Mindfulness With Psychotherapy is a live 12 week interactive on-line group webinar for clinicians interested in learning how to integrate mindfulness practices into cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. The program teaches the neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness skills that help patients reduce the symptoms and root causes of depression, anxiety and stress while enhancing happiness.

12 Weekly sessions include lectures, discussion, individual and group practices, daily homework and case presentations. Topics include:

  • What is Stress?
  • The automatic cycle of attention
  • Where does ease come from?
  • Automatic Effortless Brief Moments of Ease
  • Mind Body Chemistry: How we heal
  • How Body Sensations Generate Ease
  • Using Unpleasant Sensations to Generate Ease
  • The neuroscience of ease
  • Using Whatever Arises to Generate Healing
  • A Strategy for Healing
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